(30% Amoxicillin Soluble Powder)

1. Limitations of ordinary amoxicillin

1.1 Limited solubility and unstable aqueous solution

1.1.1 The maximum solubility of amoxicillin is very limited (2g/L).

1.1.2 Complex with chelate to form precipitation.

1.2 Chemical instability

Amoxicillin has an unstable beta-lactam ring and is easily degraded under acid or alkali conditions.


Amoxicillin molecule: contradiction between solubility and chemical stability in water.


1.3 Pipeline Blockage

1.3.1 The most common cases are: biofilm formation in water pipelines;

1.3.2 Formation of sediments.

2. Anlisu excipients and process treatment technology



Adjusting pH value: controlling the pH value of water solutions with different water quality to stable between 7-8






3. Excellent Laboratory Data of Anlisu

3.1 Water solubility is good: 1L water can completely dissolve 40g Anlisu and dissolve water quickly.


Good solubility and dissolution: Anlisu is the best choice in the use of amoxicillin preparations. As far as its excellent solubility is concerned, it is different from micro-suspended particles. It can make every animal and poultry get uniform and effective drugs. After dissolution, the water solution is clear and transparent, and will not affect the efficacy due to the different pH value and hardness of water quality.

3.2 High stability: Dissolved water does not degrade for 24 hours


The pharmacodynamics of Anlisu in drinking water for 6 hours was still stable, and it remained stable in gastric acid for 2 hours. The bioequivalence of Anlisu in drinking water was consistent with that of imported products. The pharmacodynamics of Ordinary preparations in gastric acid for 2 hours decreased by about 50%.

4. Anlisu: Effective management of drinking water dug delivery


5. Advantages of Anlisu in practical application 

5.1 Breakthrough the Maximum Solubility Limitation

5.2 Maintaining stability in water

5.3 No blockage of drinking water pipes

5.4 Withdrawal time = 1 day 




6. Clinical effects of Anlisu

Every 100g of this product is mixed with 600 kg of water, once a day, 10 hours each time, for 3-5 days.

6.1 Cut off the maternal transmission of E. coli, Salmonella and other bacteria, promote yolk absorption, improve the survival rate of chicks, and enhance the resistance of chicks. With Huanuoxin (10% Enrofloxacin solution) a bottle of 750 kg of water, the effect is better.

6.2 For the prevention and early treatment of necrotizing enteritis caused by E. coli, Salmonella and Clostridium.

6.3 This product can effectively prevent glandular gastritis and myogastritis with a bottle of 2000 kg of water in combination with Xinzhilin (tetramycin fumarate soluble powder).

Prevention and treatment of Ovaritis, salpingitis caused by E. coli, Salmonella, Pasteurella and other sensitive bacteria. Increasing the laying rate and prolonging the peak period of laying.